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Unit 9: Series-Parallel Circuits

In Units 7 and 8 you studied series circuits and parallel circuits. Many real-life circuits are more complicated, with combinations of both series-connected and parallel-connected components. In this unit we'll study such series-parallel circuits. You'll find that the basic rules of the game are the ones that you've already learned for series circuits and parallel circuits, but the job of applying those rules can get pretty tricky.

Unit 8 Review

Identifying Series-Parallel Relationships
Notation for Series-Parallel Relationships

Analyzing Series-Parallel Circuits
Ohm's Law in Series-Parallel Circuits
Voltage/Current Rules for Series or Parallel Combinations
Kirchhoff's Voltage Law in Series-Parallel Circuits
Kirchhoff's Current Law in Series-Parallel Circuits
The Voltage-Divider Rule in Series-Parallel Circuits
The Current-Divider Rule in Series-Parallel Circuits

Power in a Series-Parallel Circuit
Total Circuit Power

Ground (or Common) Symbol
Bubble Symbol for Voltage Sources

Circuit Geometry

Unit 9 Review

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