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Unit 10: More Series-Parallel Circuits

In Unit 9 you studied concepts and techniques for analyzing series-parallel circuits in general. In this unit we'll look at several specific examples of series-parallel circuits that technicians frequently encounter. We'll also look at techniques for troubleshooting series-parallel circuits.

Unit 9 Review

Voltage Dividers
Voltage Dividers with Resistive Loads

Loading Effect of a Voltmeter
Voltmeter as Part of the Circuit
Voltmeter's Internal Resistance

Ladder Networks
R/2R Ladder Networks

The Wheatstone Bridge
Balanced Wheatstone Bridge
Unbalanced Wheatstone Bridge

Troubleshooting Series-Parallel Circuits
Analyzing Shorts in Series-Parallel Circuits
Analyzing Opens in Series-Parallel Circuits

Unit 10 Review

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