EGR 2131 Engineering Digital Design (Under Development)


Suspected Typos in the Textbook

Manual for Altera DE2-115 Board

VHDL Tutorials

Unit 1. Design Concepts and Binary Codes

Unit 2. Logic Gates and Boolean Algebra

Unit 3. Synthesis

Unit 4. CAD Tools and VHDL

Unit 5. Optimized Implementations of Logic Functions

Unit 6. Number Representation and Arithmetic Circuits

    What to Expect on the Midterm Exam

Unit 7. Combinational-Circuit Building Blocks

Unit 8. VHDL for Combinational Circuits

Unit 9. Flip-Flops

Unit 10. Registers and Counters

Unit 11. Finite State Machines

Unit 12. More Finite State Machines

    What to Expect on the Final Exam