Virtual NanoFab

Virtual NanoFab is software that I'm developing with colleagues at Sinclair Community College and at the University of Dayton's Nano-Fab Laboratory. You can use it to learn silicon nanofabrication skills. In the Virtual NanoFab, you start with a blank silicon wafer, which you submit to the following simulated processes:

Using the process parameters that you select for each process, Virtual NanoFab displays the simulated results of your work. Shown below is an n-channel MOSFET (metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor) constructed using Virtual NanoFab.

This project started in January, 2012, with support from the National Science Foundation under grant #1138166. The software incorporates Clipper, an open-source polygon-clipping library created by Angus Johnson.

To follow progress on Virtual NanoFab, read the reports from our periodic progress-review meetings.