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Suspected Typos in Charles K. Alexander & Matthew N. Sadiku’s Fundamentals of Electric Circuits (5th edition)

Please download the list of errata from the textbook’s website at As of December 23, 2014, this errata list is a three-page document dated August 31, 2013. In my copy of the book, which I obtained in August 2014, the publisher has already fixed some of the errors identified in the errata list. Depending on when your copy was printed, you may also find that some of these errors are already fixed in your copy.

In addition to the errors listed in that file, here are typos that I have found in the book:

p. 10, fourth line before Section 1.5: "represented by V" should be "represented by V." (V should be in italics.)

p. 112, last line before Method 2: "-vo +1kI3" should be "-vo +1kI3." (1 should not be superscripted.)

p. 130, fifth line of Section 4.3: "known as the superposition" should be "known as the superposition principle."

p. 134, first line of Example 4.5: "use the superposition theorem” should be "use the superposition principle."

p. 143, second-to-last line: "you will not have a value for VTh” should be "VTh will have a value of 0."

p. 148, sixth line of Solution to Example 4.12: "1v / 5Ω" should be "1V / 5Ω." (V should be upper-case and non-italics.)

p. 182, Answer to Practice Problem 5.3: "26.25 µA" should be "11.25 µA."

p. 190, Answer to Practice Problem 5.8: The unit should be nA instead of µA. (And as already noted in the book’s online errata list, the answer should be positive instead of negative.)

p. 201, Review Question 5.5: The units on all answers should µA be instead of mA.

p. 220, Answer to Practice Problem 6.1: "26.67 A" should be "26.67 V."

p. 229, third line of Example 6.9: "Assume i(v)>0" should be "Assume i(0)=0."

p. 229, Answer to Practice Problem 6.9: "320 J" should be "324 J." (The given answer of 320 J would be correct if we had been asked to find the change in energy between t=0 s and t=4 s.)

p. 233, Answer to part (c) of Practice Problem 6.12: The answers are correct, but are given in the wrong order. The question asks for v1(t), v2(t), and v(t), but the answers are given in the following order: v(t), v1(t), and v2(t).

p. 243, Problem 6.13: In some early printings of the book, the leftmost resistor in the circuit is incorrectly given as 40 Ω. It should be 70 Ω.

p. 260, equation between Equation (7.22) and Equation (7.23): in the second integral, insert R between I02 and e-2λ/τ.

p. 278, Answer to Practice Problem 7.10: "7.63 V" should be "11.44 V."

p. 319, first line: "5iR" should be "2iR." This change results in three changes to the following line: both instances of "1/5" should be "1/2," and "2/15" should be "1/3."

p. 323, fifth line after Equation (8.26): "Figure 8.9 assumes" should be "Parts (a) and (b) of Figure 8.9 assume."

p. 330, Answer to Practice Problem 8.5: "−2te−10tu(t) V" should be "−2te−10t V." For consistency with the other problems in this section, and since the problem specifies that t>0, there’s no need for u(t) in the answer.

p. 336, Figure 8.20: On the graph’s vertical axis, the scale marker between 20 and 30 should be 25 instead of 35.

p. 339, Answer to Practice Problem 8.8: "cos(0.25t)" should be "cos(0.5t)." Also, "50 sin(0.25t)" should be "100 sin(0.5t)."

p. 342, Equation (8.10.3): The unit should be A/s instead of V/s.

p. 347, sixth line from the bottom: "v(1) = −6.75e−1 + 0.75e−9 " should be "v(1) = −6.75e−1 + 0.75e−9 + 6." Also, on the following line, "−3.552" should be "3.552." (Delete the negative sign.)

p. 357, third line: "1/0√LC" should be "1/√LC."(Delete the 0.)

p. 375, second line: Insert the unit V at the end of the equation.

p. 424, Equation (10.6.4): "80°" should be "77.9°." Also, "10°" should be "12.1°." The first of these changes should also be made to the equation before Equation (10.6.4), and the second of these changes should also be made to the equation after Equation (10.6.4).

p. 472, Answer to Practice Problem 11.9: "710∠33.69° VA" should be "710 VA," since apparent power has no angle.

p. 477, second line: the unit at the end of the equation should be kVAR instead of kVA.