EET 1131 Digital Electronics

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William Kleitz’s Digital Electronics: A Practical Approach with VHDL (textbook site)

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Manual for Altera DE2-115 Board

Unit 1. Number Systems and Codes

Unit 2. Digital Signals and Switches

Unit 3. Basic Logic Gates

Unit 4. Programmable Logic Devices

Unit 5. Boolean Algebra and Reduction Techniques

Unit 6. Exclusive-OR and Exclusive-NOR Gates

Unit 7. Arithmetic Operations and Circuits

    What to Expect on the Midterm Exam

Unit 8. Code Converters, Multiplexers, & Demultiplexers

Unit 9. Logic Families

Unit 10. Flip-Flops and Registers

Unit 11. Counter Circuits

Unit 12. Shift Registers

Unit 13. Multivibrators and the 555 Timer

Unit 14. Memory and Storage

    What to Expect on the Final Exam