EET 2259 Programming for Electronics Technology

Syllabus and Related Info

Unit 1. LabVIEW Basics

Unit 2. Virtual Instruments

Unit 3. Editing and Debugging VIs

Unit 4. SubVIs

Unit 5. Loops

    What to Expect on Exam #1

Unit 6. Shift Registers

Unit 7. Case Structures; Sequence Structures

Unit 8. Other Structures; Local Variables

Unit 9. Arrays

Unit 10. Clusters and Matrices

    What to Expect on Exam #2

Unit 11. Charts and Graphs

Unit 12. Data Acquisition

Unit 13. Strings and File I/O

Unit 14. Instrument Control Unit 14 material is for your information only. Because of the Coronavirus delay, we will not have time to cover this unit.

    What to Expect on the Final Exam

Books for Further Study