EET 2261 Microprocessors

Syllabus and Related Info

Tom Almy’s Designing with Microcontrollers — The 68HCS12 (textbook site)

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Reference Documents (datasheets, schematic diagrams, user guides)

Download Freescale’s CodeWarrior Special Edition software (file size = 354 MB). The filename says Version 5.1, but the file actually installs Version 5.9.0.

Unit 1. Introduction & HCS12 Overview

Unit 2. HCS12 Architecture

Unit 3. Assembly Language; Load, Store, & Move Instructions

Unit 4. Arithmetic Instructions; Branching & Iteration

Unit 5. Tables; Decision Trees & Logic Instructions

    What to Expect on Exam #1

Unit 6. The Stack and Subroutines

Unit 7. I/O Pins and Ports

Unit 8. System Clocks; Seven-Segment Displays; S19 Records

Unit 9. Interrupts

    What to Expect on Exam #2

Unit 10. Serial Communications Interface

Unit 11. Controlling LCD and Keypad

Unit 12. Controlling Stepper Motors and Servos; Pulse Width Modulation

    What to Expect on the Final Exam