EGR 2201 Circuit Analysis


Regarding the textbook (Charles K. Alexander & Matthew Sadiku’s Fundementals of Electric Circuits): the custom edition of the textbook that you can buy from Sinclair’s bookstore is exactly the same as the 6th edition except that it’s missing some chapters that we will not cover.

Charles K. Alexander & Matthew Sadiku’s Fundementals of Electric Circuits (textbook site. As of July 2018, the site has not been updated for the 6th edition, so look at this site for the 5th edition instead.)

Unit 1. Basic Concepts

Unit 2. Basic Laws

Unit 3. Nodal Analysis

Unit 4. Mesh Analysis

Unit 5. Linearity, Superposition, and Source Transformation

Unit 6. Theorems: Thevenin’s, Norton’s, Maximum Power Transfer

Unit 7. Operational Amplifiers

    What to Expect on the Midterm Exam

Unit 8. Capacitors and Inductors

Unit 9. First-Order Circuits

Unit 10. Second-Order Circuits

Unit 11. Sinusoids and Phasors

Unit 12. Sinusoidal Steady-State Analysis

Unit 13. AC Power Analysis

    What to Expect on the Final Exam