EGR 2261 Engineering Problem Solving using C & C++

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Textbook companion site: D. S. Malik’s C++ Programming from Problem Analysis to Program Design

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Installing Visual Studio on Your Home Computer

Unit 1. An Overview of Computers and Programming Languages

Unit 2. Basic Elements of C++

Unit 3. Input/Output

Unit 4. Control Structures I: Selection

Unit 5. Control Structures II: Repetition

    What to Expect on Exam #1

Unit 6. User-Defined Functions

Unit 7. User-Defined Functions (Continued)

Unit 8. Strings and Enumeration Types

Unit 9. One-dimensional Arrays

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Unit 10. Two-dimensional Arrays

Unit 11. Pointers and Dynamic Arrays

Unit 12. structs

Unit 13. Classes Unit 13 material is for your information only. Because of the Coronavirus delay, we will not have time to cover this unit.

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