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Typos in Digital Electronics: A Practical Approach with VHDL, 9th edition (1st printing), by William Kleitz

p. 17, line two: "= 15 × 61" should be "= 15 × 16."

p. 25, first line of Problem 1–16: "your answers to Problem 1–13" should be "your answers to Problem 1–15."

p. 30, last line: "= 250 pS" should be "= 250 ps" (lower-case s, not upper-case).

p. 45, first line of Example 2–10: "Determine V1, V2, V3, and V4" should be "Determine V1, V2, V3, V4, V5, and V6."

p. 73, last line of last full paragraph: "circuit similar to Figure 3–17" should be "circuit similar to Figure 3–16."

p. 74, first line, and caption to Figure 3–20: "Figure 3–17" should be "Figure 3–16."

p. 100, Problem 3–15: "the circuit of Figure 3–18" should be "the circuit of Figure 3–17."

p. 152, line two: "A C D" should be "A C D."

p. 201, second-to-last line: "(BC " should be "(B + C ."

p. 229, second line of Problem E5–9: " (AB)(A+B) " should be " (AB)(B+C) ."

p. 246, second line of section on Controlled Inverter Simulation: "Indictor" should be "Indicator."

p. 262, first line of Solution part (a) to Example 7–1: "0000  010" should be "0000 0101."

p. 277, line three: "Figure 7–5(c)" should be "Figure 6–5(c)."

p. 280, Figure 7–14: label "Sun" near right edge should be "Sum."

p. 284, last line of Team Discussion: "E6" should be "Σ6."

p. 307, last line: "Example 7–23" should be "Example 7–24."

p. 320, line five: "shown in Figure 8–7" should be "shown in Figure 8–10."

p. 322, fourth-to-last line above Example 8–3: Add a closing parenthesis at end of the line, after "E3."

p. 340, second-to-last line above Figure 8–34: "in CD" should be "in BCD."

p. 391, line eight: "IH" should be "IIH."

p. 399, final answer in Solution, and label under the Vin waveform in Figure 9–12(b): "500 ms" should be "500 ns."

p. 426, Problem 9–11: "Refer to a TTL data book or the data sheets in Appendix B" should be "Refer to a 7400 data sheet."

p. 445, Figure 10–24(c): In the lower left-hand comment, "because SD and RD" should be "because SD and RD."

p. 445, Review Question 10–13: "circuit of Figure 10–18" should be "circuit of Figure 10–21."

p. 479, Problem 10–36: Insert a space between "LOW" and "/CPU_RESET."

p. 638, sixth line above Figure 13–10: "Figure 13–11(b)" should be "Figure 13–10(b)."

p. 641, second line of second paragraph: Delete the comma in "S0, and S1".

p. 660, third line above Figure 13–36: “synchronous” should be “asynchronous.”

p. 661, first line: Delete "during the active clock edge."

p. 662, sixth and seveth lines: On the sixth line, "shifted left" should be "shifted right." On the seventh line, "shifted right" should be "shifted left." Also, in Figure 13–39, "SL" should be "SR," and the two occurrences of "SR" should be "SL." (Caution: Confusion may arise from the fact that in Quartus II’s LPM shift register, "shift right" means a shift from the q3 end toward the q0 end. But in the 74194, "shift right" means a shift from the q0 end toward the q3 end.)

p. 669, Problem 13–4: Drop the colon at the end and add “(Hint: Remember that the SD inputs are active-LOW.)”

p. 673, Problem 13–23: After “timing waveforms” add “similar to Figure 13-23.”

p. 645, first line: "the Q0 and Q3 outputs" should be "the Q0 to Q3 outputs."

p. 670, Figure P13–10: The last pulse on Q0 should rise on the falling edge of clock pulse 9, not on the rising edge of clock pulse 10.

p. 707, last paragraph: Delete this paragraph, which describes a previous edition’s version of Figure 14–28(b) but doesn’t apply to the current version.

p. 761, ninth line: "Figure 16–6(b)" should be "Figure 16–6(a)."

p. 772, Figure 16–15(b): In label, "to source connection" should be "the source connection."

p. 773, last line of third paragraph: "radial" should be "redial."

p. 775, first line of "The 2716 EPROM" paragraph: "given in Appendix B" should be "shown in Figure 16–19."

p. 780, second-to-last line of Team Discussion: "new addresses" should be "new address ranges."

p. 804, Figure 17–6: The label on the resistors connected to the LEDs should be “330 Ω" instead of “330 kΩ.”

p. 899, solution to Problem 6-7(b): There should be parentheses around AB + AB.

p. 926, solution to part (b) of Example F-2: “6 µA = 200 kΩ” should read “6 µA × 200 kΩ.”