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Unit 1. Getting Started in Electronics

To begin our study of electronics, we’ll start to get familiar with some common electrical components, and with some common instruments that technicians use to make measurements. We’ll also see that technicians must understand a number of electrical quantities, and they must know what units these quantities are measured in.

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Electrical and Electronic Components
Semiconductor Devices
Identifying Components

Electronic Instruments
DC Power Supply
Function Generator
Digital Multimeter
LCR Meter
Frequency Counter
Identifying Instruments

Electrical Quantities  
Electrical Units  
Table of Electrical Quantities and Units  
Electrical-Units Matching Game
Electrical-Symbols Matching Game

Relating Components to Quantities
More About Resistors
More About Capacitors
More About Inductors

Prefixes for Large or Small Numbers

Nominal Values and Tolerances
Tolerance Calculations

Unit 1 Review

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