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Unit 1: Review and Electromagnetism

To get started, we’ll review some material that you studied in EET 1150 (D.C. Circuits).

After this review , we’ll discuss the close relationship between electricity and magnetism. Many common and useful devices, such as solenoids and loudspeakers, rely on the fact that electricity can be used to produce magnetism. Many other common devices, such as electrical generators, rely on the fact that magnetism can be used to produce electricity.

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EET 1150 Review
Ohm’s Law
Energy and Power
Series Circuits
Parallel Circuits
Series-Parallel Circuits
More Series-Parallel Circuits
Circuit Theorems
More Circuit Theorems
Capacitors in DC Circuits
Inductors in DC Circuits
Table of Electrical Quantities
Electronics Games

Permanent Magnets
Magnetic Fields
Applications of Electromagnetism
An Animated Lesson from our Friends in Wisconsin
Turns and Windings

Electromagnetic Induction
Faraday’s Law
Applications of Electromagnetic Induction

Unit 1 Review

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