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Unit 3. More on the Oscilloscope

In the previous unit you’ve used the oscilloscope and multimeter to make measurements in ac circuits. As you know from EET 1150, the multimeter can also make measurements in dc circuits. The same is true for the oscilloscope. In this unit we’ll look more closely at how to set the meter or the scope to measure ac or dc.

Work through the e-Lesson and self-test questions below.

Unit 2 Review

DC or AC?

Multimeter’s AC/DC Switch
Combined AC/DC Circuits

Oscilloscope for DC
Negative DC Voltages on the Oscilloscope
Oscilloscope’s Input Coupling Switch
Input Coupling Switch Set to AC
Input Coupling Switch Set to DC
Input Coupling Switch Set to GROUND
Where Should You Set Your 0-Volt Reference Line?
Oscilloscope for Combined AC/DC Circuits

Unit 3 Review

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