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Unit 5. Ohm’s Law

The main topic in this unit is the most fundamental equation in electronics: Ohm’s Law. This is an equation that relates voltage, current, and resistance. We’ll start to discuss a topic that’s not covered in the book, but that’s important for a technician: how to estimate answers to mathematical problems without using a calculator. Finally, we’ll look beyond series circuits and parallel circuits to more complicated circuits called series-parallel circuits.

Unit 4 Review

A Simple Circuit
Current Depends on Voltage
Current Depends on Resistance
Ohm’s Law
Other Forms of Ohm’s Law
Ohm’s Law Triangle

Voltage Drops
Ohm’s Law Again


k- and m- Are “Opposites”
M- and μ- Are “Opposites”

Series-Parallel Circuit
Seeing Series Connections and Parallel Connections

Breadboarding Series-Parallel Circuits

Measurements in Series-Parallel Circuits

Unit 5 Review

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