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Unit 8: Parallel Circuits

After series circuits, which you studied in Unit 7, the next simplest type of circuit is the parallel circuit, which we’ll take up next. Again, we’ll restrict our attention to parallel resistive circuits, which contain only resistors in addition to voltage sources.

Unit 7 Review

Parallel Connection
Parallel-Connected Components Have the Same Voltage
Parallel Circuit
Voltage in a Parallel Circuit 

Kirchhoff’s Current Law
KCL in Parallel Resistive Circuits
KCL in Other Circuits

Total Parallel Resistance
Special Case #1:  Two Parallel Resistors
Special Case #2:  Parallel Resistors of Same Value 
Special Case #3: Resistor in Parallel with a Much Smaller Resistor
The Effect of Adding More Branches to a Parallel Circuit

Analyzing Parallel Resistive Circuits 

Voltage Sources Connected in Parallel?
Current Sources Connected in Parallel

Current Divider
The Current-Divider Rule

Power in a Parallel Circuit
Total Circuit Power

Troubleshooting Parallel Circuits

Unit 8 Review

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