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Unit 12: More Circuit Theorems

In Unit 11 you studied two powerful tools for circuit analysis. The first was the source-conversion theorem, which can make some circuit analysis tasks easier by letting you replace a voltage source with a current source, or vice versa. The second was the superposition theorem, which lets you analyze circuits containing more than one source. This unit will introduce two more useful theorems: Thevenin’s theorem, which can be used to simplify complicated circuits, and the maximum power transfer theorem, which lets you figure out how to deliver maximum power to a load.

Unit 11 Review

The Black-Box Game
Thevenin’s Theorem
Procedure for Applying Thevenin’s Theorem
Why Thevenin’s Theorem is Useful: Case 1
Why Thevenin’s Theorem is Useful: Case 2

Source and Load
Maximum Power Transfer Theorem
Matching Source and Load

Unit 12 Review

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